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Chronic arthritis and joint pain can be agonizing… robbing any chances of living a normal active life. Sitting on the floor to play with kids or grandkids is unbearable when throbbing knees feel like they’re on fire.

A stroll through the park is unbearable when back pain stabs with every step.

Even getting a good night’s sleep is rare when joint pain lasts all night long.

Arthritis pain occurs when different parts of the body become inflamed and begin to degenerate. If the problem is ignored, the joint will continue to deteriorate and the pain will intensify.

Non-surgical stem cell therapy may be the best option for reducing and in some cases even reversing the pain and degeneration of arthritis.

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Paitent Testimonials

Before his care, I had chronic pain from sitting in traffic with long commutes as well as stress pain in my lower back. Since then... read more

Kat & Dave Avatar
Kat & Dave

I had been to several doctors... I didn't want any more surgery on my arthritis for my left knee... Dr. Win treated me for my... read more

Olivia Reyes Avatar
Olivia Reyes
This safe, effective, non-surgical approach is highly effective at helping people overcome common challenges such as:

Chronic Joint Pain
Low Back Pain
Wrist/Elbow Pain
Bulging/Herniated Discs
Spinal Cord Injuries
Meniscus, ACL, MCL Tears
Knee Injuries
Shoulder Damage
Hip Labral Tears
Chronic Back Pain
Ankle/Foot Pain
Plantar Fasciitis