Frozen Shoulder

Treatment type has huge impact on outcome

Because most of the time there is no known cause, Frozen Shoulder Syndrome is considered an “idiopathic” condition. It is a debilitating condition which is poorly understood and can dramatically impact a person’s quality of life. Unfortunately, many of the standard medical treatments for frozen shoulder are ineffective and can even be dangerous.

How we can help

In 2006, Dallas chiropractor, Dr. Francis X. Murphy, DC, developed a revolutionary and unique form of analysis and treatment for the painful condition known as Frozen Shoulder Syndrome, a.k.a., Adhesive Capsulitis. He calls it the OTZ Method and it is a nonsurgical solution. Dr. George C Win, DC, of United Integrated Healthcare Center, is one of the few chiropractors who have been certified in the OTZ Method.

Are you progressively losing range of motion in your shoulder? Have the simple activities of daily living become a challenge due to debilitating pain in your shoulder and arm? Please contact us to ensure you have the best treatment outcome for your frozen shoulder.

Great Improvement!

Frozen shoulder limits mobility and function. We can help!

Listen to a patient tell his story of how he initially visited United Integrated Healthcare Center with about 25% mobility and now with treatment by Dr. Win, he has restored much of his mobilit

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Our patients experience relief and restored function! 

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