Living a better, healthier life is easy with United Integrated Medical (Healthcare) Center

The first step is an initial consultation and examination

We gladly provide all of our new patients with a free consultation so you can decide if our center is right for you. If you wish to receive care based on your examination (not included in free consultation), our doctor will then learn about your current condition, history, and goals.

Next, you and your doctor will decide on the appropriate treatment options

Your doctor will show you the results of your exam and any tests done to identify the root of your problem (not just symptoms) to create a plan that is right for you. We are a multi-disciplined center, so if we discover other health issues, we can treat those as part of a single plan and give you the best care possible.

Once your treatment starts, we continually monitor and fine-tune your treatment

Once your treatment starts, your doctor will monitor your progress with your goals. Our experiences show that most people will see improvement within one month from the beginning of therapy. By continually fine-tuning your treatment, we aim to provide you with the highest care possible.

Learn more about our treatments

Physical Medicine

Using sophisticated diagnostic laboratory and imaging tools, we hone in on your health issues, treat your pain and work to return you to your healthiest you.

Functional Medicine

Based on blood analysis and other laboratory assessments, we create effective treatments specifically for your unique needs, focusing on whole body health.


Adjustments and manipulation to the vertebrae in your spine bring your body and nervous system into alignment and keep your body functioning at its highest level.


Unblocking and repairing vital energy (or qi) meridians and channels with this ancient Chinese therapy, seeks to restore your balance, alleviate pain and promote overall health and function.

Nutritional Therapy

Let us treat your medical conditions with a diet and nutritional supplements based on your “biochemical individuality,” returning you to a state of optimal health.

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