Peripheral Neuropathy

If You Suffer from A Single One of These Torturous Symptoms – Numbness, Tingling, Burning or Sharp Nerve Pain – This may be the most important information you have ever read in your life!

Neuropathy affects every part of your life – walking, sitting, sleeping, your ability to enjoy relationships, socialize and so much more.

If you have tried “everything” (Anodyne therapy, physical therapy, Lyrica®, Neurotin® or other medications) without getting the lasting results you want then you are a candidate for our program.

There is a simple reason that these treatments fail…because they only cover up your symptoms, not heal the damaged nerves.

Do you have any of the following symptoms?

How we can help

We all know this to be true…There is a tremendous difference between covering up your symptoms and fixing the underlying problem. Why settle “Band-Aid care” when you could potential correct the problem?

What if you could tap into the natural scientific principles of nerve healing?

I asked myself that very question: What makes a nerve healthy? And, what causes nerve damage? How can I naturally “tip-the-balance” toward healing the nerves while also removing what was damaging the nerves?

The Single Most Important Solution To Your Neuropathy was 3 years in the making…

It took tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours away from my family, researching, reading, talking with experts in the scientific community and racking my brain in order to create my Neuropathy Recovery Program.

Finally, this program is available to you. A powerful combination of Functional Neurology (aka Brain-Based Therapy) and Functional Medicine that packs a powerful punch against neuropathy.

The good news is that the principles behind my Neuropathy Recovery Program work with both diabetic and non-diabetic types of neuropathy.

How does it work? By stimulating the nerve and supporting its need for fuel and activation.

I don’t have the space to go into more details here, that is why every new patient receives my latest Neuropathy Report completely free which explains everything and will satisfy all of your questions.

My patients know the insiders secrets to recovery. They have already received their individualized Neuropathy Recovery Program and are having amazing results.

Pat P., 49 years old, After 2 months. “I had been suffering with burning and tingling on the left side of my body, my hands and feet and the left side of my face. I also suffered from brain fog. Since coming to Dr. Green, the burning and tingling has subsided, I can think better and even hold a decent conversation. I feel so free in my mind and body. Thank you Dr. Green for all you do!”

Let me say this, I am not promising that I can cure everyone. I don’t even know if you qualify for the Neuropathy Recovery Program, that is yet to be determined, and requires a proper history and examination.

I know that you’ve been promised the moon and stars before and nobody has delivered the goods.

That is why I’m offering you a risk-free introduction to this program. For a limited time, you will receive 2 FREE visits if you call and mention this Web Page or Report.

Here’s what you get:
  • A thorough case history where I listen… really listen to your concerns, goals, and dreams for a better future.
  • Toronto Qualification Exam – scores how bad your neuropathy is and what type (large or small nerve fiber disease).
  • A thorough review of your history, and any previous medical tests you forward.
  • My analysis and expertise in evaluating and helping neuropathy patients from a functional perspective.

If you are a candidate for my program, I will review the reasons why and give you a written treatment plan. If you are not a candidate, I will again tell you why.

You will also receive my latest Neuropathy Recovery Report detailing every aspect of this unique clinically proven treatment program.

If you are tired of the institutionalized medical marry-go-round of cover-up care, then you must try this program. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Correct diagnosis + correct treatment = Best Results Possible and relief.

Why hasn’t your doctor told you about this approach? Because it doesn’t fit into the model of give a medication to cover up the problem. This is a functional approach to correct the problem, not temporarily cover up your pain.

*Results May Vary from Patient to Patient


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