What Is A Health Coach? Why Would Anybody Hire One?

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Health coaching is a relatively new phenomena that is gaining steam in the medical field.

Let’s say you don’t feel your best. You have been struggling with fatigue & low energy day in and day out.  A doctor will run tests to find the physical cause of your ailment and try to answer the question – why am I feeling this way?

A health coach will assist in finding the lifestyle causes of your health complaint.

Let’s go back to you as a patient with low energy. I will ask you questions such as: how is your stress level day in & day out? How is your sleep? Do you exercise, if not, why? I will also take a look at your diet. Your friendships, relationships with people can also be contributing.  Anything that can be affecting your energy.  We then come up with specific behavior improvements as a team to bring these back to a balanced healthy place.

You may ask – why would I need a health coach for that? Can’t I do that for myself?

Most people do not take a step back and look objectively at their daily habits and ask if these ingrained habits are improving them i.e. helping them reach their goals.  Some people’s habits can be self-sabotaging and is setting them up for pain and disease in the long term, but without somebody to objectively mirror that back to them, they might not notice until it is too late and disease sets in. My clients find that having a trained professional to openly discuss these things and come up with actionable goals with accountability can make all the difference.  We always meet you where you are at so that the improvements are sustainable.  And it is client led, led by you!

Health coaching is the perfect solution for somebody who wants to feel healthier, lighter, have less ailment and feel more confident! Working on yourself is the ultimate confidence booster which in turn improves your overall life and happiness for the better.

In conclusion, health coaches inspire, hold you accountable, and give you the knowledge and POWER to improve your habits in an understanding nonjudgmental way.  Months later you will ask why you didn’t start earlier!

If you would like to schedule a free consultation or to learn more, please contact United Integrated Health office or call Angelica Virgen, certified health coach at (909) 868-8379.

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